About us

Blocknitive emerged in 2018 as a spin-off of M&GT Consulting in the face of a detected need to apply an emerging technology, such as blockchain, to create simplified solutions for complex processes. 

M&GT is a technology consulting firm with more than 15 years of experience and an international presence in three countries. Its clients include Santander group, Telefónica, Bankia, Repsol, Cepsa, and Vodafone. M&GT’s focus on new technologies and digital transformation allowed it to create a center of excellence specialized in innovation applied to complex problems common to all industries.

Blocknitive has managed to meet this challenge through the use of blockchain and cognitive technologies, making use of an open source collaborative blockchain architecture, such as Hyperledger ©. It has also established important alliances in the technological world with IBM and Oracle.

As a result of the collaboration with IBM, the Consent Trust emerged in 2019 as an innovative platform that allows the management and traceability of any data within and outside the business perimeter. Asentify Data is the consent management solution from the IBM Consent Trust

Digital transformation, with a deep respect for privacy, is our core competency in helping our clients succeed.

For this reason, we continue to create technological solutions that adapt to an ever-changing reality.

Blocknitive continues to work daily to obtain simple solutions to complex problems. To respond to this challenge, and based off experience obtained from large clients, it applies a flexible modular architecture that guarantees security, privacy and traceability, making use of its Hyperledger Fabric domain.