logo asentify contract para la gestion de contratacion online

Automation of contracting processes by executing smart contracts, being able to make connections with third-party applications and can be combined with other technologies such as AI.

Asentify Contract

Discover how Asentify Contract works.

Main advantages

icono creacion de contratos inteligentes

Smart Contract

Creation of smart contracts guaranteeing agreements between the parties involved.


Full traceability of actions made by your company or external suppliers with the contracts.

operaciones centralizadas


Follow all operations through the same repository.

icono de seguridad e inmutabilidad de los datos de los usuarios y clientes blockchain asentify

Security and immutability

Blockchain guarantees the privacy and security of the information that flows between your company and external companies.

asentify data se integra facilmente blockchain clientes y usuarios

Easy integration with your organization

Easily integrate the Asentify Contract platform with other applications related to contract repositories.

Reduces time and cost

Reduces time and cost in the processes involved in managing contracts.

Simplify processes in contractual relationships digitally and effectively.


Use cases

Digitally performs “onboarding” and applies “smart contract” to contractual relationships with the intermediary.


  • Increase in the volume of operations
  • 40% cost reduction in the onboarding process of clients
  • 70% time reduction
  • 30% increase in sales
  • Complete automatization of the onboarding process
  • In this project we wanted to complement the Contract and Data solutions, which have allowed:
    • Centralization of consents given by a person to an organization
    • Evidence of each movement made with the data, within and outside the company perimeter


Cost save


Time save

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