logo asentify data trazabilidad de los consentimientos con tecnología blockchain

A tool that allows the management and traceability of personal data consents or any other data within a business perimeter, leaving evidence of each movement made, within and outside the company.

Asentify Data

Discover how Asentify Data works.

Main advantages

gestión de consentimientos a través de blockchain

Consent management

Take control of consents. Notifying who uses the data, when it is used and what use is being made.​

tecnología blockchain al uso de trazabilidad de consentimientos

Complete the traceability of the data

Acquire a complete trace of actions made by your company or external providers with user data.

Gestion de derechos y consentimientos blocknitive asentify

Rights management

It easily adopts the rules of the GDPR, such as the right to access data or the right to be “forgotten” by a user.

control y centralizacion de los datos usuarios blockchain

Centralization of data location

Follow all operations through the same repository, from when the data associated with the user is generated until it is deleted.

icono de seguridad e inmutabilidad de los datos de los usuarios y clientes blockchain asentify

Security and immutability

Blockchain guarantees the privacy and security of the information that flows between your company and external companies (agencies, call centers, etc.)

asentify data se integra facilmente blockchain clientes y usuarios

Easy integration with your organization

Easily integrate the Asentify Data platform with applications related to your company’s GDPR.

Start tracing and empowering the customer.
With Asentify Data you can empower the client by allowing the traceability of their data.


Use cases

Implementation in a traffic accident coordinating company to manage the consent of the victims with each of the potential participants in the process.


  • Centralization of the consents given by a person to an organization
  • Traceability of data of each participant within the ​​body services process
  • Evidence of each data movement within and outside the company perimeter
  • Reduction in both execution time and resolution of the injured
  • Customer loyalty due to the speed of process resolution
  • 100% GDPR Compliance
  • 50% and 80% reduction of costs and time, respectively


Cost save


Time save

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