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Traces of product originality and the transformation and distribution processes, allowing certification by each actor in the process or by machine-to-machine with IoT technology.

Asentify Trace

Discover how Asentify Trace works.

Main advantages

tecnología blockchain al uso de trazabilidad de consentimientos


Full traceability of actions made by your company or external suppliers to contracts.

control y centralizacion de los datos usuarios blockchain


Follow all operations through the same repository.

Reduces time and cost

Reduces time and cost in the processes involved in managing contracts.

icono de seguridad e inmutabilidad de los datos de los usuarios y clientes blockchain asentify

Security and immutability

Blockchain guarantees the privacy and security of information that flows between your company and external companies.

asentify data se integra facilmente blockchain clientes y usuarios

Easy integration with your organization

Easily integrate the Asentify Contract platform with other applications related to contract repositories.

Perform end-to-end traceability comprehensively and easily.


Use cases

The Company, leader in the agri-food sector, has been allowed to differentiate its products through the certification and traceability of all steps, from the time the Client requests the product to its delivery.


  • Integral traceability of different types of product (such as lettuces)
  • Visibility to the most important clients on the quality of product management processes in the ERP, guaranteeing the immutability of said information, in order to achieve measurable and quantifiable differentiators against foreign producers that do not operate with the same quality levels.
  • Use of geolocation devices in the product collection process, leaving a trace of times and statuses in all processes: supplier order, notification to farmers for collection, loading on pallets, opening and closing of transport doors and processes of product (vacuum) for better conservation.
  • Certifications of products and times from order to delivery.
  • 40% and 60% reduction in cost and time, respectively.


Cost save


Time save

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