In addition to being able to tokenize any asset, we offer two turnkey platforms (NFT & ICO) where we are part of the project, collaborating in the conceptualization, white paper, tokenomics, community, search for investors, and the search for investors.

Trading teamwork doing online meeting for blockchain research inside hedge fund office


ICO Projects


NFT Projects

Hands, laptop and typing in trading for cryptocurrency, NFT or blockchain monitoring, chart or prof


Some success stories

case 1

Points program with NFT

Give customers the possibility to monetize their loyalty points by selling them to third parties.


Currently, the points programs are:

  • Scarce ecosystem
  • Not highly valued by customers
  • Inability to sell or assign to a third party
  • Little user control

Why Blockchain?

  • Monetization would be achieved by tokenizing the rights generated, loyalty points, during the relationship with the company.
  • "An NFT is the digital representation of a UNIQUE tangible or intangible asset that grants its ownership to the holder."


  • Platform where the points made by the customers are collected.
  • Platform that reads the recognition information from the company (EXCEL, ERP, or different systems).
  • Create a backend with all this information, updating every day new clients or workers or recognitions, if any.
  • A user is created for each worker with a Web2 style wallet (no need for metamask or similar) where we store the tokens and the user can access it.
  • Final API for the user to redeem those tokens/points.
  • Self-custodianship of NFTs by the platform
  • Companies or options attached